History of Service

Our History

St. Christine Christian Services program began as an outreach ministry of St. Christine Catholic Church, Detroit (est. 1954). When the church was closed in 2005, SCCS was formed as a non-profit organization to continue the service initiatives to the community, foremost among them the Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry. Since 2009, the sponsoring church has been Christ the King, Detroit for which SCCS is its primary outreach ministry. In addition to the Soup Kitchen/Pantry, a Service Center Building offers neighbors daily opportunity for socialization over coffee and pastries, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday through Friday. St. Vincent de Paul, Christ King Conference, also operates from the Service Center. Volunteers are available by appointment to assess individuals with specific needs and link them with community resources, including available St. Vincent De Paul store inventory. St. Vincent de Paul volunteers can provide clients with round trip bus fare to important appointments.