It is quite simple. Without our volunteers, St. Christine could not operate. Not the Soup Kitchen, not the Pantry and not the Service Center. Those 22,000 hot meals and those 6,000 bags of supplementary groceries would not be served or distributed. We operate with only two full time paid staff members, so all of the activity and most of the funding goes to serving the vulnerable in the greater Brightmoor community.

If you would like to volunteer in our Christ-inspired mission, you may contact the volunteer coordinators below

Soup Kitchen: (Tuesdays & Saturdays):
Cathy Gillis, Volunteer Kitchen Manager 313-255-0312 or 248-449-4911 (c)
List of Soup Kitchen Volunteers

Food Pantry: (Monday prep, Tuesday and Saturday distribution):
Robert Hyman, Volunteer Pantry Coordinator 313-535-7272 or 248-444-8043 (c)
List of Food Pantry Volunteers

Service Center (host and reception): Monday through Friday:
Maureen Northrup, Director of Outreach Services 313-535-7272 or 313-995-8673 (c)

Emergency Contact: Christ The King Parish 313-532-1211

Call for Board Members:

A position is open on the St. Christine's Board of Directors. If you are interested or would like to nominate an individual to the Board, please contact Leon Tupper at tupp2@comcast.net.